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RTU-X: THE hardware

Features of our device


Available in two formats. The IP68 model can be installed directly in harsh environments, or the DIN model, designed to be easily mounted on electrical panels.


The functionalities of the basic model can be expanded by installing optional internal extension or communications modules, such as RS-485, SDI-12 or NB-IoT module, among others.


By having WiFi and Bluetooth as a base, and the possibility of incorporating additional communication modules, such as NB-IoT modem, it is possible to choose between the most used technologies to configure it and connect it to the cloud.


Thanks to their internal battery and very low consumption mode of operation, they can operate for months, or even years, without the need for external power.


By using standard IoT protocols, such as MQTT, the RTU-X can be easily integrated into the main IoT platforms on the market (Thingsboard, AWS, Azure) in a few minutes.

Infinity of sensors

Compatible with the most commonly used interfaces for sensor connection, with digital inputs, pulse counting, analog inputs, BLE and communication buses.

Edge computing & control

It has the ability to execute a user-defined script, in a language similar to C, from which all aspects of the device’s operation can be controlled, giving the end user the possibility to implement processing and control logics autonomously .


Some of the most prominent security aspects are the use of communication MQTTs (MQTT encrypted) for connection to the cloud and signed FOTA updates.


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Our Products


Nettra is a technology company that specializes in the development and implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for remote monitoring and control in a wide range of applications.

We operate in diverse verticals, such as:

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